We have some very exciting news to share and we wanted you to be the first to know!

Alteram’s brand new eRecruit portal has launched. This is another step in our master plan to fuel innovation and become a tinge more automated in everything we do.

Our all new eRecruit portal will not only simplify the job application process for internal and external applicants, but will assist our tender’s team when CV’s are an extensive requirement. Human Resources (HR) as the “man power” behind recruitment will also benefit from our automated recruitment portal.

While eRecruit reduces the stress and paperwork involved in applying for jobs, it also has a ton of other benefits:

  • The central hub stores CV’s and qualifications making them accessible at all times.
  • Search functionality allows users to search for specific CV’s and qualifications with ease.
  • Once a candidate enters his or her information into the eRecruit portal, the way in which it is formatted is standardised, leaving no room for inconsistency.
  • When Alteram submits tenders where CV’s are a requirement; CV’s must be uniform at all times- eRecruit has this covered!
  • CV’s will be available at all times when the tenders or HR department requires them, accompanied by qualifications.
  • When HR advertises various job posts, instead of a stream of email applications being sent to an email address mixing up the various job posts that applicants apply for, HR can access the eRecruit portal which separates the job posts and the applicants per job post accordingly. This simplifies the process of reviewing CV’s for multiple job listings.
  • At times, applicants may leave out very important information on their CV’s. However, the automated eRecruit system leaves no room for error, requesting the applicant to fill in all fields pertaining to a CV. Should an applicant leave out a certain section, the portal will not allow the applicant to move on to the next step and submit his or her CV. Instead, it will remind the applicant that information is missing. Only once all sections have been filled out, will the applicant be able to submit his or her CV. This eradicates CV’s with missing information that is essential.


Team work makes dream work!

We’d like to extend a huge CONGRATULATIONS to our Junior Developer interns, Harvest Chauke and Mvuleni Henrick Nofemele who took on this project whole heartedly and made it happen. Harvest and Mvuleni were appointed as interns in May last year. As Junior Developer interns the requirement was for them to complete one development project during the period of their internship. Harvest and Mvuleni presented Yvette with various development project options but eRecruit stood out as an actual need to enhance Alteram as a business.

The project was led by Development Lead, Yvette Mulder, while Bobby Singh and Jaco Smith took on a mentor role, guiding Harvest Chauke and Mvuleni Nofemele throughout the project. Lilian Olifant managed the project, tested the system and wrote the specifications of the system throughout its lifecycle and ensured that deadlines were continuously met. Overall, this dream team designed a timeless, impactful system for Alteram which will most certainly enhance our business as a whole.

Well done!

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