Backup Solutions

Data loss can be extremely damaging to companies and usually comes at the worst time. At Alteram Solutions, we tailor specific end-to-end IT solutions for servers, networks and backups taking a proactive approach to protecting an organisation’s infrastructure and having a keen interest in understanding it’s operations so that we can best match the IT infrastructure. We provide managed data backups and restoration services at client sites, coupled with private or hybrid cloud solutions. With our managed, monitored and cost effective, end-to-end backup and restoration services, clients retain ownership of their data stored on or off-site, depending on the chosen customised solution. Alteram’s cloud technology is leveraged without exposing customers to the inherent risks associated with it.

Our systems include Customised Rack Systems for storage and for Data Archiving within our data centres. At Alteram Solutions, we are about High Speed Restore, therefore our main feature is instant access to the Local Area Network (LAN), and the immediate return of all stored information in the Wide Area Network (WAN) or in our data centres, when required with no lengthy downloads, no Internet risks. From origin, to Internet service provider (ISP), to destination, the data is controlled, secure and always available.

Our backup solutions include:

• Backup system design/redesign and commissioning
• Onsite and remote technical support
• Specialist Dell Rapid Recovery support
• Monitor backup instances per client requirement
• Manage data and change data remotely
• Control daily offsite synching and restore points
• Check for data validity and security
• Control Data Centre Services:
• Backup storage and replication
• Standby Server replication
• Long term storage and Archiving