Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Solutions

Alteram also provides turn-key BPO solutions as a complete or separate service offerings that will allow any business to align and reengineer business processes. Alteram service offering includes:

• Back-end System Integration
We offer bespoke development that enables various elements of back end and front end integration that aimed at creating a single view of customer and ticketing information for contact centres, to ensure improved customer and end user experience.

• Contact Centre Management
We consistently deliver professional interactions on behalf of our clients, helping them to retain and recapture customers, grow their revenues, gauge employee and client sentiment and perform administrative customer services. Our Team expertise span over a combined 20 years in various service centre industries, who are fully FAIS compliant and affiliated with industry professional bodies. We offer onsite and offsite management of call centres with qualified agents, supervisors and managers.

• Knowledge Management (KM)
We offer a Knowledge management service that will be customised to align to your strategy and processes designed to identify, capture, structure, leverage, and share an organization’s intellectual assets to enhance its performance. We also offer a bespoke KM portal customised to house all the knowledge articles on a single user friendly platform. The in-house team supply the ground work for critical activities which include capture and document all our processes and procedures and disseminate this for use within the contact centre. We also capture articles and processes provided within our client organisations. Our KM offering includes in-house training, designing of assessments, process mapping, SOP design.

• Total Quality Management (TQM)
Total Quality Management TQM is a BPO function positioned to engage the customer and present issues that impact the business while being the voice of the customer by providing insight on key issues identified. Our offering encompasses quality assurance and customer satisfaction elements as part of our TQM deliverable to support operations with outputs of enabling frontline staff to provide excellent service, putting measuring controls in place and monitoring quality and customer experience.
Our TQM team provides analytics, customer satisfaction surveys spanning over CATI, PAPI, B2B or B2C segments. Our Quality Assurance process then monitors the interaction between call centre frontline personnel and the customer, and scrutinises the service delivered by using the monitoring tool and evaluation process. Customer Satisfaction completes customer interviews to receive feedback on service offered via all interactive channels. Together, they complete the methodology of Total Quality Management hence: Quality Assurance + Customer Satisfaction Measuring = Total Quality Monitoring (TQM).

• Analytics and Business Intelligence (BI)
Alteram offers a world class Business intelligence (BI) technology-driven process for analysing data and presenting actionable information to help executives, business managers and other end users make more informed business decisions. Our BI solution encompasses a wide variety of tools, applications and methodologies that enable data collection from internal systems and external sources, prepare it for analysis, develop and run queries against the data, and create reports, dashboards and data visualizations to make the analytical results available to decision makers as well as operations persons. Our team offers data analytics, automated contact centre and telephony reports, business intelligence information platform (BI), and geographic information system (GIS)