General Business Activities

Established in September 2013, Alteram Solutions provides holistic infrastructure and services solutions in the Information Technology (IT) industry. Since inception in 2016, Alteram Solutions has grown rapidly and now employs over 280 employees across the country. Our clients currently span across the board from private sector organisations and government departments to municipalities and the like.
Some of our clients include Swazi Bank, The Department of Water Affairs, DHL Express, The Department of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs, Phumelela Municipality, Amathole District Municipality, Rand Water, Connection Telecom, Joburg Market and Smollan, to name a few.
As a dynamic, black owned and managed level 1 B-BBEE ICT organisation, Alteram solutions continuously seeks to assist companies achieve their business goals through custom designed and integrated technology services. Our heightened passion for what we do coupled with our dedicated team of professionals ensures a seamless delivery of ICT goods and services across the country.
Our Aim
The Alteram ICT service offering is designed from a Chief Information Officer (CIO) portfolio perspective. This ensures that ICT, from strategy to programme planning, design to implementation, operations and infrastructure optimisation acts as the business enabler that it is expected to be.
By addressing the major challenges faced by an organisation, Alteram is able to establish strong links to between IT requirements and business needs and imperatives.
With vendor relationships developed over 30 years coupled with brand independence we are able to provide customised solutions at competitive prices.
Our Mission
Alteram Solutions mission is to empower public and private organisations by providing high quality IT services and solutions that enable them to deliver excellent services to their clients. At Alteram we listen, and we put our clients at the heart of everything we do.
Our Values
• We Listen
• Honesty in all business conduct
• Innovation
• Quality through focused excellence
• Customer Satisfaction

Our Solutions

Alteram Solutions provides an array of ICT services and solutions that can be customised to meet our client’s specific needs.
Network Operations Centre (NOC)
Our Network Operations Centre (NOC) is located in Midrand, Johannesburg. This is a highly sophisticated live SolarWinds installation from which Alteram Solutions’ network and security engineers remotely monitor clients’ IT environments in real-time.
The NOC is a secure facility on Alteram Solutions’ business premises. This access-controlled facility is equipped with screen displays for customised reporting for various clients. Our NOC is the focal point of network trouble shooting, software distribution, updating, router and domain name management, performance monitoring, and coordination with affiliated networks.
We monitor and report on a vast selection of issues namely:
Network Performance Monitoring
• Uptime
• Reachability
• Link Capacity
• Resource utilisation
• Interface status per device

Server and Application Monitoring

At Alteram we define thresholds. Alerts are triggered when these thresholds are reached. This allows us to take preventative action and mitigate costly infrastructure downtime for our clients.

Our NOC monitors the following:

• Uptime and availability of applications and databases
• We deliver accelerated problem identification and resolution
• Monitoring of servers hardware capacity
• Monitor applications performance and availability
• Application dependency mapping
• Server volume monitoring and capacity planning

Log and Event Management

Log and Event Management is considered an essential step towards IT security services. Through Log and Event Management, our technical team collects all logs from servers, routers, switches and virtually all critical devices in the network environment. With event correlation, we are able to trace any changes and anomalies in the network.
• Real-time correlation to identify attacks
• Detect breaches with threat intelligence
• Supports root cause analysis with built-in intelligence that applies to networks, applications, and

security management

• Blocks and quarantines malicious and suspicious activity, including inappropriate USB usage

Comprehensive and cost effective services:

Incident Management

• Processing of events and alarms
• Fault identification, isolation, troubleshooting and resolution
• Returning the network to an operational state

Configuration management

• Setting system parameters for turn-up
• Provisioning the network; configuration and system backups and restoration
• Developing and operating system databases

Accounting Management

• Monitoring and managing service usage
• Capacity planning
• Specifying, logging and controlling user access to network resources

Performance management

• Implementing performance controls, based on the IP services architecture
• Collecting and analysing network performance data
• Generating short or long-term reports from the data
• Controlling network and system performance parameters

Security management

• Implementing security controls
• Collecting and analysing security data
• Generating security reports and logs from this data

On Premise Network Management using SolarWinds

Alteram Solutions is an authorised SolarWinds reseller and solution implementation partner providing a wide range of SolarWinds products. Our customers can be rest assured that all deployments have been installed by engineers who have the knowledge and experience required to advise on the correct hardware specification and perform configurations unique to their specific monitoring environments. We ensure that your monitoring processes are not hindered by poor performing or badly setup installations immediately after you make your investment.

1. Basic Level Installation Service:

We provide this type of service to organizations that want to be involved in portions of the installation setup stage. The basic level service provides a starting point for our customers but also gives them the knowledge on how to continue from a base level. Our engineers are comfortable being shadowed during the initial installation and are encouraged to share best practice advice and knowledge during the training sessions at the end of a site visit.

Basic installation includes:

• Software Installation
• Configure Base Application Settings
• Partial Device Population
• Create User Accounts
• Web Presentations
• Maps
• Alerting
• Grouping and Dependencies
• Knowledge Sharing Sessions

2. Production Level Installation Service

Alteram provides advanced services that require architecture design, planning and full customizations that extend from the Basic level Installation service. When the project is completed by our staff, the SolarWinds platform will be tuned so that customers have a fully operational installation. It is a platform that customers can rely on to provide reactive and proactive information in a manner appropriate to their internal environment. Production level

installation includes:

• Scoping Visits
• High/Low Level Design Documentation
• Post Installation Consultancy Logs

Alteram provides the following SolarWinds products:

Network Performance Monitoring
Fault availability and performance monitoring for networks of all sizes
• Speeds troubleshooting, resolves network outages and reduces downtime
• Customisable network topology and dependency – aware intelligent alerts
• Wireless heat – maps, automated capacity forecasting, alerting and reports

Netflow Traffic Analyzer

Network traffic and bandwidth utilization in an easy-to-view dashboard
• Speeds troubleshooting, resolves network outages and reduces downtime
• Customisable network topology and dependency – aware intelligent alerts
• Wireless heat – maps, automated capacity forecasting, alerting and reports

Network Configuration Manager

Centralised network device change and configuration management software
• Automated configuration backups, comparisons and rollback
• Real-time configuration change detection and audits for compliance management
• Bulk deploy configuration changes

Log and Event Manager

An affordable SIEM solution that helps detect and respond to security threats
• Real-time event correlation for instantaneous detection of malicious and suspicious activity
• Automated remediation and advanced search for forensic analysis and troubleshooting
• Out-of-the-box compliance rules and reports for HIPAA, PCI, SOX, FISMA and many more

Server and Application Monitoring

Manage, troubleshoot and resolve app performance and availability issues
• Deep visibility into applications, databases, host servers, virtualization and storage systems
• Support for over 200 applications out of the box including Exchange ™, SQL Server® and more
• Soft asset inventory and capacity planning

Database Performance Analyser

Solve complex database issues and optimize application response times
• See exactly what is impacting performance inside your database and get expert resolution advice
• Correlate response time with the VM resources, host and storage I/O with history and baselines
• Agentless architecture ideal test development and production on premise and in the cloud

Virtualisation Manager

Performance, troubleshooting, capacity and sprawl management from VM to datastore
• Deep visibility into usage and performance of VMs, hosts, clusters and data stores
• VM right sizing, sprawl control and capacity planning
• Power off idle VMs, adjust over and under allocated resources and fix co-stop issues in minutes

Storage Resource Monitor

Multi-vendor storage capacity and performance monitoring
• Provides real-time performance visibility to SAN and NAS array LUNs, Raid groups, volumes, disks and more
• Automated storage capacity planning to identify hot spots, peak hours and potential outages
• Identify LUN contention and other difficult storage performance issues

Web Performance Monitor

Measure user experience and troubleshoot latency issues for web applications
• Visibility into end-user experience for web and SaaS application transactions
• Monitor performance for applications behind firewall from multiple geographic locations
• Built-in integration with Orion Platform shows infrastructure dependencies for fast troubleshooting

Patch Manager

Intuitive patch management software for quickly addressing software vulnerabilities
• Intuitive patch management software for quickly addressing software vulnerabilities
• Automate patching and reporting and save time by simplifying patch management on servers and workstations
• Decrease security risks and limit service interruptions by helping to ensure that patches get applied, and

controlling what gets patched and when

• Keep your desktops, laptops, servers, and VMs patched and secure with the latest patches for 3rd-party applications, for example Adobe, Java, VLC to mention a few
• Stay on top of vulnerabilities and produce summary reports to show patching status

Server and Desktop Support

Alteram Solutions offers comprehensive and value-added desktop and network server support services. Our professional approach to ICT support ensures only the highest levels of standards expected from a leading ICT support company, keeping our clients’ needs at the core of all of our processes. We reduce the impact of IT failures by minimizing their occurrence and any unforeseen issues are dealt with immediately. Alteram’s support services covers the latest Microsoft Server Operating Systems to the Windows 10 desktop environment and Office 365.
Listed below are some of the Operating systems Alteram actively supports through our Service Desk solution:
• Windows XP
• Windows Vista
• Windows 7
• Windows 8
• Windows 10
• Windows Server 2003
• Windows Server 2008
• Windows Server 2012
• Windows Server 2016
Onsite Support: Our network of skilled field technicians across the country, near all major cities gives us national reach allowing us to proactively resolve any computer hardware, software or network issue that may arise, leaving clients with environments that are optimized and geared for optimal productivity.
Desktop Support: Desktop support service is an all-encompassing and comprehensive offering for a regular office environment. It includes and focuses on resolving issues around:
• Troubleshooting day-to-day computer issues
• Email setup
• Software updates
• Internet connectivity issues
• Resolve anti-malware and related issues.
• Data and file recovery services
• General Maintenance and problem resolution
Server Support: Server support includes complete maintenance, monitoring and management solutions, including backups, upgrades and new server installations.
Remote Support: provides access to immediate, real-time support when a business need a quick solution to technical problems through our reliable remote access software.
Infrastructure Support: This reduces a business’s network downtime and optimises performance with continued hardware maintenance, remote proactive monitoring and problem resolution.

Data Centre Solutions

Alteram’s comprehensive Data Centre Assessment service provides insight into an organisation’s power, cooling and space utilization capabilities through a thorough site inspection and thereafter recommend improvements for organisational efficiency and effectiveness. Our experienced specialists assist with designing, building and maintaining data centre power and airflow management infrastructure, making it possible to manage power systems.


• Flooring:
We provide raised flooring in server rooms which assists in not only the aesthetic appeal of the server room but also ensures that all electrical and data cabling can be routed in a logical and orderly fashion. Alteram Solutions assists with both the raised flooring and the layout of the electrical and data reticulation.

• Power:

Reliable power is critical for the optimum functioning of the network equipment, therfore Alteram Solutions caters for electrical supply needs as well as back-up power requirements (i.e. uninterruptible power supply and generators).

• Precision Cooling:

Alteram ensures that the correct cooling technology is implemented within the server room to ensure that the devices housed within the server room are cooled sufficiently to avoid unnecessary device failure.
• Enclosures:
Alteram offers an extensive range of standard and customized enclosures for data centres.
• Cabling:
Copper Cabling – Alteram Solutions provides CAT 5, CAT5e as well as CAT6 cabling. These services include new installations, moves as well as repairs to existing network points.
Fibre Optic Cabling – Alteram Solutions provides fibre optic cabling to our clients. This service includes the installation, splicing, OTDR testing, labelling and repair and maintenance of the fibre optic cables.

• Fire Detection and Suppression:

It is critical that an effective fire detection and suppression system is installed to ensure that in the event that a fire breaks out, it is contained and extinguished timeously with minimal damage to critical systems in a data centre. Alteram Solutions assists our clients in ensuring that the correct fire suppression and detection system is selected to ensure that the systems housed within the server room are protected against fire damage.
Contact Centre Solutions
Alteram Solutions provides multilingual inbound and outbound call centre solutions that cater to the 11 official languages in South Africa. We deliver consistently professional interactions on behalf of our clients, helping them to retain and recapture customers, grow their revenues, gauge employee and client sentiment and perform administrative customer services.
Our inbound solutions include customer care and technical helpdesk, product or service information, general enquiries and complaints handling whilst our outbound solution includes follow-up calls, debt collection, market research and surveys.
Alteram’s inbound channel makes use of voice, SMS, email and live chat interaction whilst the outbound channel utilises voice, email and SMS. Our multichannel contact centres gives clients the flexibility to choose the method of contact that makes the most sense for them at any given time. Alteram also provides turn-key call centre facilities such as agent workstations, network room infrastructure, computers and printers. We also offer recruitment and training of call centre agents on all aspects of computer literacy, customer relationship management, telephone etiquette as well as SAP systems training.
Features of our contact centre offering include:

• Case Management
Integrated C4C and multiple channel interfaces permit efficient management of tickets from inception through to either first call resolution, assignment to subject matter experts or escalation to senior management. With our Case Management Solution, the quality of all interactions is audited to ensure high levels of efficiency and standardisation of customer experience. Frontline consultants are cross-trained to deal with all categories so that customers can re-assign tickets speedily and correctly.
• Self Service
Our Self Service solution offers customers the option of logging new tickets or querying existing tickets through our web channel or telephony Interactive Voice Response (IVR) facility. The use of this self-service interactive tool assists in reducing the number of inbound calls thereby alleviating the high call volume burden placed on our contact centre consultants.
• Outbound Campaign Management
Campaign briefs provided by our clients enable agents to proactively select target customers and communicate specific messages en-masse. Examples of campaigns that our contact centre manages include payment reminders, marketing information or general information to name a few. We provide the following outbound channels: voice, SMS, email and social media.
• Back-end System Integration
The situation we find with most customers is that information is resident on multiple systems and in various formats. Instead of accessing multiple systems to service customer queries we create a single view of all information for our contact centre consultants. This ensures a better customer experience and enables the First Call Resolution (FCR) process.
• Information Management
Access to client proprietary information can be made readily available to both contact centre agents as well as customers directly via our web channel. By accessing information online, customers and agents are much more informed of account statuses and other pertinent information.
• Knowledge Management
Knowledge management is the strategy and processes designed to identify, capture, structure, leverage, and share an organization’s intellectual assets to enhance its performance. The two critical activities which is to capture and document all our processes and procedures and disseminate this for use within the contact centre. We also capture articles and processes provided within our client organisations. Customers expect to digitally be able to initially try and obtain the information on their own (via knowledge bases). If unsuccessful they then engage with one of our contact centre consultants.
• Analytics and Business Intelligence
Business intelligence (BI) is a technology-driven process for analysing data and presenting actionable information to help executives, business managers and other end users make more informed business decisions. Our BI solution encompasses a wide variety of tools, applications and methodologies that enable data collection from internal systems and external sources, prepare it for analysis, develop and run queries against the data, and create reports, dashboards and data visualizations to make the analytical results available to decision makers as well as operations persons.

Data Management and Analytics

Alteram Solutions is equipped to revolutionize the way in which an organisation’s data is analysed and presented so that managerial understanding of operational, tactical and strategic information is enhanced. Our synchronised approach to data management and analytics ensures that the business will have access to information as close to real time as possible. The extraction of data from any source whether it is SAP, non-SAP, SQL or any other open or proprietary databases is expedited with the use of advanced tools hence making this a seamless process to organisation. By using sophisticated collaboration techniques, we optimise the definition, collection, mining, analysis and presentation of raw data, metadata or high level dashboards.
Alteram Solutions developed the Leggero Data Management and Analytics Platform which allows an organisation to store, access, homogenize and analyse data from various sources in different formats. The platform, based on the Hadoop Open Source Big Data Framework, is built to scale for multiple terabytes of data and handle continuous in-flow of data. The system provides features to collate and correlate data from various sources, and analyse it for various facts based on multiple dimensions. The platform has the ability to handle unstructured data like Text Files and XML Files and convert them to datasets, these datasets can further be used for simple reporting or can be used to run various models for complex data analysis. The platform can be deployed on a dedicated hardware environment or in the cloud, depending on the client’s implementation needs and preference. The analysed information can be presented in the form of reports, charts and graphs that can be configured for various roles and privileges.
The Platform has been developed keeping in mind the ease of use, flexibility while ensuring non-functional requirements like scalability and response time.
The diagram below explains the Leggero features.

As illustrated in the diagram the system can access and analyse various sources of data without the need of transforming it to a different data model.

The system can access and analyse the following sources:
• Text Files for example Csv, Tab delimited, free text in a line
• XML Files
• JSON Files
• Web Feeds
• Log Files
• Text Based Reports from the other systems
• Parquet Files
• Other RDBMS systems
The Leggero Data Management and Analytics Platform can store different data formats on the same logical platform that is transparent to the users. The data stored can reach to multiple terabytes with simple hardware scaling.

Business Application Development

Alteram’s Business Application Development team thrives to deliver high quality business solutions that meet the most challenging IT problems through a team of expert software professionals. Our team of software specialists focus on the delivery of business solutions that are scalable and robust, ensuring application availability, data integrity and security. Best practice methods, that is Prince II/PMBOK, TOGAF, BPMN, AGILE, ITIL, to name a few, are followed through the design and implementation of the application solutions. Our service offering comprises of project management, architecture, process modelling, requirements analysis, solution design, development, application integration and testing. Our specialists assume complete responsibility for the various service offerings as per our Client’s need or project requirements. We ensure the availability of the necessary skills in order to fulfil our commitments.
Alteram delivers and supports enterprise applications and solutions operating on major platforms and databases, specialising in Java, PHP, Microsoft, mobile, GIS visualisation, messaging and integration applications. In addition we offer functional and technical services on SAP Cloud for Service (C4C) and Content management software applications. We were awarded the bronze SAP quality award for innovation on our SAP C4C contact centre programme implementation, in 2016.
Alteram’s Business Application development team follows two approaches to development. In full lifecycle Application projects, we assume complete responsibility for analysis, design, implementation, testing and integration of systems. In cooperative development, we work with your IT professionals to jointly analyse, design, implement, test and integrate systems.
Our software product offerings ready for configuration include:
• Timesheet Management System – manage resource time per project, including the necessary reporting for financial purposes
• Asset Management System – capture, barcode and maintain the company or project assets, including the necessary reporting for financial and audit purposes
• Helpdesk Management System (ticketing) – log ICT problems, incidents or changes required on any business system or ICT service for resolution and monitoring purposes
• Knowledge Management System – populate knowledge articles in an organised fashion with search capabilities included for improved operational efficiency
• CRM Case Management System – customer focused inbound case management system to be configured to suite your business requirements
• CRM Campaign Management System – customer focused outbound campaign management system for execution of voice, e-mail or SMS campaigns, with outsource options available.

Backup Solutions

Data loss can be extremely damaging to companies and usually comes at the worst time. At Alteram Solutions, we tailor specific end-to-end IT solutions for servers, networks and backups taking a proactive approach to protecting an organisation’s infrastructure and having a keen interest in understanding it’s operations so that we can best match the IT infrastructure. We provide managed data backups and restoration services at client sites, coupled with private or hybrid cloud solutions. With our managed, monitored and cost effective, end-to-end backup and restoration services, clients retain ownership of their data stored on or off-site, depending on the chosen customised solution. Alteram’s cloud technology is leveraged without exposing customers to the inherent risks associated with it.
Our systems include Customised Rack Systems for storage and for Data Archiving within our data centres. At Alteram Solutions, we are about High Speed Restore, therefore our main feature is instant access to the Local Area Network (LAN), and the immediate return of all stored information in the Wide Area Network (WAN) or in our data centres, when required with no lengthy downloads, no Internet risks. From origin, to Internet service provider (ISP), to destination, the data is controlled, secure and always available.
Our backup solutions include:
• Backup system design/redesign and commissioning
• Onsite and remote technical support
• Specialist Dell Rapid Recovery support
• Monitor backup instances per client requirement
• Manage data and change data remotely
• Control daily offsite synching and restore points
• Check for data validity and security
• Control Data Centre Services:
• Backup storage and replication
• Standby Server replication
• Long term storage and Archiving

Vulnerability Management and Monitoring Solutions

Vulnerabilities constantly evolve as attackers find new points of weakness to gain access into IT environments. Alteram Solutions offers vulnerability management and monitoring solutions to uncover any vulnerabilities an organisation’s systems and applications may have through a recurring scan which repeats automatically after a predefined period.
Our Vulnerability Management Service assesses and manage the following areas:

• Network
• Virtual Server Environments
• Storage Systems
• Firewalls
• Servers
• Active Directory
• Databases
• Web applications
• Microsoft applications
• Third party Applications

Once these vulnerabilities are detected, recommendations to remediate and mitigate them will be provided. Remediation may include patch management, policy reviews, updating security controls and configurations. It may even include reconfiguring firewall rules or refreshing of some security controls.


Alteram Municipality Solutions is a strategic partner to SAP EOH, providing a unique service called Municipality in a Box (MIAB). MIAB is a tried and tested integrated solution based on mySAP ERP software and it addresses the core needs of municipalities and public sector organisations of all sizes. It is designed for state agencies that administer and approve diverse service delivery and benefits, such as water, electricity, roads and infrastructure. At Alteram we understand that authorities are challenged on their ability to deliver, due to poor billing, revenue collection and manual processes affecting data quality for decision making therefore we are dedicated to offering our tried and tested solutions to address the core needs of municipalities as well as extending our services to other functional areas of the municipality.
MIAB solution has been crafted based on SAP’s and EOH’s experience in implementing many similar implementations in the public sector over the past several years. It is based purely upon SAP components thereby eliminating the need for multiple vendors and different application platforms which typically prove to be very expensive to implement and maintain.
MIAB enables municipalities to:
• Manage costs in the asset value chain
• Increase customer orientation and improve customer service
• Provide more complex product and service offerings with faster time to market
• Realise better utilisation of energy data
• Realise better product differentiation and market segmentation
• Automate transaction processing in the energy value chain
• Standardise transaction exchange
• Support unbundling, restructuring and or deregulation using a flexible, scalable technology platform
MIAB provides fully integrated business process support functionality necessary to successfully and continually satisfy a municipality’s customers whilst ensuring that revenues are optimally managed and stakeholder ecosystem is kept satisfied.