Data Centre Solutions

Alteram’s comprehensive Data Centre Assessment service provides insight into an organisation’s power, cooling and space utilization capabilities through a thorough site inspection and thereafter recommend improvements for organisational efficiency and effectiveness. Our experienced specialists assist with designing, building and maintaining data centre power and airflow management infrastructure, making it possible to manage power systems.


• Flooring:

We provide raised flooring in server rooms which assists in not only the aesthetic appeal of the server room but also ensures that all electrical and data cabling can be routed in a logical and orderly fashion. Alteram Solutions assists with both the raised flooring and the layout of the electrical and data reticulation.

• Power:

Reliable power is critical for the optimum functioning of the network equipment, therfore Alteram Solutions caters for electrical supply needs as well as back-up power requirements (i.e. uninterruptible power supply and generators).

• Precision Cooling:

Alteram ensures that the correct cooling technology is implemented within the server room to ensure that the devices housed within the server room are cooled sufficiently to avoid unnecessary device failure.

• Enclosures:

Alteram offers an extensive range of standard and customized enclosures for data centres.

• Cabling:

Copper Cabling – Alteram Solutions provides CAT 5, CAT5e as well as CAT6 cabling. These services include new installations, moves as well as repairs to existing network points.
Fibre Optic Cabling – Alteram Solutions provides fibre optic cabling to our clients. This service includes the installation, splicing, OTDR testing, labelling and repair and maintenance of the fibre optic cables.

• Fire Detection and Suppression:

It is critical that an effective fire detection and suppression system is installed to ensure that in the event that a fire breaks out, it is contained and extinguished timeously with minimal damage to critical systems in a data centre. Alteram Solutions assists our clients in ensuring that the correct fire suppression and detection system is selected to ensure that the systems housed within the server room are protected against fire damage.