Data Management and Analytics

Alteram Solutions is equipped to revolutionize the way in which an organisation’s data is analysed and presented so that managerial understanding of operational, tactical and strategic information is enhanced. Our synchronised approach to data management and analytics ensures that the business will have access to information as close to real time as possible. The extraction of data from any source whether it is SAP, non-SAP, SQL or any other open or proprietary databases is expedited with the use of advanced tools hence making this a seamless process to organisation. By using sophisticated collaboration techniques, we optimise the definition, collection, mining, analysis and presentation of raw data, metadata or high level dashboards.
Alteram Solutions developed the Leggero Data Management and Analytics Platform which allows an organisation to store, access, homogenize and analyse data from various sources in different formats. The platform, based on the Hadoop Open Source Big Data Framework, is built to scale for multiple terabytes of data and handle continuous in-flow of data. The system provides features to collate and correlate data from various sources, and analyse it for various facts based on multiple dimensions. The platform has the ability to handle unstructured data like Text Files and XML Files and convert them to datasets, these datasets can further be used for simple reporting or can be used to run various models for complex data analysis. The platform can be deployed on a dedicated hardware environment or in the cloud, depending on the client’s implementation needs and preference. The analysed information can be presented in the form of reports, charts and graphs that can be configured for various roles and privileges.

The Platform has been developed keeping in mind the ease of use, flexibility while ensuring non-functional requirements like scalability and response time.
The diagram below explains the Leggero features.

As illustrated in the diagram the system can access and analyse various sources of data without the need of transforming it to a different data model.

The system can access and analyse the following sources:
• Text Files for example Csv, Tab delimited, free text in a line
• XML Files
• JSON Files
• Web Feeds
• Log Files
• Text Based Reports from the other systems
• Parquet Files
• Other RDBMS systems
The Leggero Data Management and Analytics Platform can store different data formats on the same logical platform that is transparent to the users. The data stored can reach to multiple terabytes with simple hardware scaling.