A South African Success Story

In 2013, the same year that the Department of Trade and Industry (dti) shared at a press conference that five out of seven start-up businesses fail within the first year in South Africa, Philip Arnold (Chief Executive Officer) and Garth Madella (Chief Technology Officer) founded Alteram Solutions. Bearing in mind this reality and as an organisation providing Information and Communications Technology (ICT) services and solutions in a highly competitive environment, success was not guaranteed. However, fuelled with the determination and vision required to build a truly successful South African business, the team did just that – succeed! The dynamic duo embarked on their journey believing that, with Garth’s empirical interest in ICT and Philip’s background as a Chartered Accountant, they had a good chance of making a success of the venture.

Garth is a highly experienced Solutions Architect and armed with his knowledge in taking technologies and translating them into new ideas and strategies for organisations, the team set out to conquer the industry. “Five years later we’ve come a long way by listening, understanding and anticipating the needs of our clients as well as continuously adapting ourselves and seizing the opportunities presented to us” comments Garth Madella, Chief Operations Officer at Alteram Solutions. Perseverance and hard work paid off. From a small base of employees and clients, the company now employs over 160 staff nationally and services high level government departments, municipalities and private sector organisations. The entire team believes that the foundation of their accomplishment lies with the organisation’s people and their adherence to a core set of values that encompass everything they do. The team listens, innovates and delivers.

Services and solutions provided include: contact centre solutions, data centre solutions, server and desktop support, business application support, data management and analytics, network management, vulnerability and management monitoring as well as backup solutions. In addition, the organisation focuses not only on external factors such as efficient client delivery, but also an internal ethos of upliftment as every employee in the company has access to skills development and training. This approach ensures that the team comprises of passionate, dedicated and qualified professionals who offer a superlative client experience. “Our heightened passion for what we do – paired with our dedicated team of professionals ensures a seamless delivery of tailored ICT services. At Alteram Solutions we really do listen, placing our clients at the heart of everything we do,” asserts Garth Madella, Chief Operations Officer at Alteram Solutions. Alteram Solutions aims to help businesses grow their revenues, retain and recapture clients, perform administrative customer services as well as gauge employee and client sentiment.

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