Server & Desktop Support

Alteram Solutions offers comprehensive and value-added desktop and network server support services. Our professional approach to ICT support ensures only the highest levels of standards expected from a leading ICT support company, keeping our clients’ needs at the core of all of our processes. We reduce the impact of IT failures by minimising their occurrence, and any unforeseen issues are dealt with immediately.  Alteram’s support services cover the latest Microsoft Server Operating Systems to the Windows 11 desktop environment and Office 365.

Listed below are some of the Operating systems Alteram actively supports through our Service Desk solution:

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 10
  • Windows 11
  • Windows Server 2003
  • Windows Server 2008
  • Windows Server 2012
  • Windows Server 2016
  • Windows Server 2019
  • Windows Server 2022

Onsite Support: Our network of skilled Field Support Engineers?field technicians across the country, near all major cities, gives us national reach allowing us to proactively resolve any computer hardware, software or network issue that may arise, leaving clients with environments that are optimised and geared for optimal productivity.

Desktop Support: Desktop support service is an all-encompassing and comprehensive offering for a regular office environment. It includes and focuses on resolving issues around:

  • Troubleshooting day-to-day computer issues
  • Email setup
  • Software updates
  • Internet connectivity issues
  • Resolve anti-malware and related issues.
  • Data and file recovery services
  • General Maintenance and problem resolution

Server Support: Server support includes complete maintenance, monitoring and management solutions, including backups, upgrades and new server installations.

Remote Support: provides access to immediate, real-time support when a business needs a quick solution to technical problems through our reliable remote access software.

Infrastructure Support: This reduces a business’s network downtime and optimises performance with continued hardware maintenance, remote proactive monitoring and problem resolution.

VMWARE: Using VMWARE, we engage in the provisioning of infrastructure to users. We provision x64 x86 computers, including RAM and Storage, to run multiple operating systems over a single physical host computer. Each virtual machine is then run as a single instance of any operating system (Microsoft, Linux, etc.) simultaneously.

Hyper-V: By making use of Microsoft Hyper-V, we can provide a cost effective virtualization solution that will minimize hardware cost by virtualizing servers on either stand-alone hosts or highly available clusters.

Active Directory: Active Directory (AD), a Microsoft product that consists of several services that run on Windows Server is used by our technicians to manage permissions and access to networked resources. We use Active Directory to store data as objects which are then categorised by name and attributes.

The main service we use within Active Directory is Domain Services (AD DS), which stores directory information and handles the interaction of the user with the domain. AD DS verifies access when a user signs into a device or attempts to connect to a server over a network. AD DS controls which users have access to each resource.

Other Microsoft products, such as Exchange Server and SharePoint Server, as well as SAP, rely on AD DS to provide resource access. The server that hosts AD DS is the domain controller.

Network Support

On Premise Network Management using SolarWinds
Alteram Solutions is an authorised SolarWinds reseller and solution implementation partner providing a wide range of SolarWinds products. Our customers can be rest assured that all deployments have been installed by engineers who have the knowledge and experience required to advise on the correct hardware specification and perform configurations unique to their specific monitoring environments. We ensure that your monitoring processes are not hindered by poor performing or badly setup installations immediately after you make your investment.

  1. Basic Level Installation Service:
    We provide this type of service to organizations that want to be involved in portions of the installation setup stage. The basic level service provides a starting point for our customers but also gives them the knowledge on how to continue from a base level. Our engineers are comfortable being shadowed during the initial installation and are encouraged to share best practice advice and knowledge during the training sessions at the end of a site visit. Basic installation includes:
  • Software Installation.
  • Configure Base Application Settings.
  • Partial Device Population.
  • Create User Accounts.
  • Web Presentations.
  • Maps.
  • Alerting.
  • Grouping and Dependencies.
  • Knowledge Sharing Sessions.
  1. Production Level Installation Service
    Alteram provides advanced services that require architecture design, planning and full customizations that extend from the Basic level Installation service. When the project is completed by our staff, the SolarWinds platform will be tuned so that customers have a fully operational installation. It is a platform that customers can rely on to provide reactive and proactive information in a manner appropriate to their internal environment. Production level installation includes:
  • Scoping Visits.
  • High/Low Level Design Documentation.
  • Post Installation Consultancy Logs.

Alteram provides the following SolarWinds products:
Network Performance Monitoring.
Fault availability and performance monitoring for networks of all sizes.

  • Speeds troubleshooting, resolves network outages and reduces downtime.
  • Customisable network topology and dependency – aware intelligent alerts.
  • Wireless heat – maps, automated capacity forecasting, alerting and reports.

Netflow Traffic Analyzer
Network traffic and bandwidth utilization in an easy-to-view dashboard

  • Speeds troubleshooting, resolves network outages and reduces downtime
  • Customisable network topology and dependency – aware intelligent alerts
  • Wireless heat – maps, automated capacity forecasting, alerting and reports

Network Configuration Manager
Centralised network device change and configuration management software

  • Automated configuration backups, comparisons and rollback
  • Real-time configuration change detection and audits for compliance management
  • Bulk deploy configuration changes

Log and Event Manager
An affordable SIEM solution that helps detect and respond to security threats

  • Real-time event correlation for instantaneous detection of malicious and suspicious activity
  • Automated remediation and advanced search for forensic analysis and troubleshooting
  • Out-of-the-box compliance rules and reports for HIPAA, PCI, SOX, FISMA and many more

Server and Application Monitoring
Manage, troubleshoot and resolve app performance and availability issues

  • Deep visibility into applications, databases, host servers, virtualization and storage systems
  • Support for over 200 applications out of the box including Exchange ™, SQL Server® and more
  • Soft asset inventory and capacity planning

Database Performance Analyser
Solve complex database issues and optimize application response times

  • See exactly what is impacting performance inside your database and get expert resolution advice
  • Correlate response time with the VM resources, host and storage I/O with history and baselines
  • Agentless architecture ideal test development and production on premise and in the cloud

Virtualisation Manager
Performance, troubleshooting, capacity and sprawl management from VM to datastore

  • Deep visibility into usage and performance of VMs, hosts, clusters and data stores
  • VM right sizing, sprawl control and capacity planning
  • Power off idle VMs, adjust over and under allocated resources and fix co-stop issues in minutes

Storage Resource Monitor
Multi-vendor storage capacity and performance monitoring

  • Provides real-time performance visibility to SAN and NAS array LUNs, Raid groups, volumes, disks and more
  • Automated storage capacity planning to identify hot spots, peak hours and potential outages
  • Identify LUN contention and other difficult storage performance issues

Web Performance Monitor
Measure user experience and troubleshoot latency issues for web applications

  • Visibility into end-user experience for web and SaaS application transactions
  • Monitor performance for applications behind firewall from multiple geographic locations
  • Built-in integration with Orion Platform shows infrastructure dependencies for fast troubleshooting

Patch Manager
Intuitive patch management software for quickly addressing software vulnerabilities

  • Intuitive patch management software for quickly addressing software vulnerabilities
  • Automate patching and reporting and save time by simplifying patch management on servers and workstations
  • Decrease security risks and limit service interruptions by helping to ensure that patches get applied, and controlling what gets patched and when
  • Keep your desktops, laptops, servers, and VMs patched and secure with the latest patches for 3rd-party applications, for example Adobe, Java, VLC to mention a few
  • Stay on top of vulnerabilities and produce summary reports to show patching status

Backend Support

Alteram provides services to the following backend areas

  • Windows Server Operating Systems
  • Antivirus solutions
  • Network design, implementation, and supportMicrosoft products
  • Microsoft System Center Operations Manager (SCOM)Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM)Microsoft Active Directory (Onsite and Azure)Microsoft Exchange 2013/2016/2019/Exchange OnlineMicrosoft VirtualizationMicrosoft SQLMicrosoft TeamsMicrosoft Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)
  • Back design, implementation, and support.
  • VMware virtualization