Alteram Municipality Solutions is a strategic partner to SAP EOH, providing a unique service called Municipality in a Box (MIAB). MIAB is a tried and tested integrated solution based on mySAP ERP software and it addresses the core needs of municipalities and public sector organisations of all sizes. It is designed for state agencies that administer and approve diverse service delivery and benefits, such as water, electricity, roads and infrastructure. At Alteram we understand that authorities are challenged on their ability to deliver, due to poor billing, revenue collection and manual processes affecting data quality for decision making therefore we are dedicated to offering our tried and tested solutions to address the core needs of municipalities as well as extending our services to other functional areas of the municipality.
MIAB solution has been crafted based on SAP’s and EOH’s experience in implementing many similar implementations in the public sector over the past several years. It is based purely upon SAP components thereby eliminating the need for multiple vendors and different application platforms which typically prove to be very expensive to implement and maintain.
MIAB enables municipalities to:
• Manage costs in the asset value chain
• Increase customer orientation and improve customer service
• Provide more complex product and service offerings with faster time to market
• Realise better utilisation of energy data
• Realise better product differentiation and market segmentation
• Automate transaction processing in the energy value chain
• Standardise transaction exchange
• Support unbundling, restructuring and or deregulation using a flexible, scalable technology platform
MIAB provides fully integrated business process support functionality necessary to successfully and continually satisfy a municipality’s customers whilst ensuring that revenues are optimally managed and stakeholder ecosystem is kept satisfied.